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The mission of the Infant Loss Photography Project is to provide a sense of camaraderie amongst those who have lost a child(ren) to perinatal loss, and to provide a small window into those experiences for those who have not experienced such a loss. We want to provide a platform for bereft parents to express their love for – and grief over losing – their child(ren), as well as a place share the stories and babies who deserve to be known. We believe that is it through sharing these stories of powerful, life-altering experiences that  parents may begin to feel less ostracized and alone.

The Vision

So many times, our society calls for us to “put on a happy face,” even in the wake of something as devastating as the loss of a child. In effect, the death of an infant becomes a “taboo” experience, because the parents and families are in many ways made to feel as though their stories are not welcome. There seems to be an “expiration” on how long one can grieve over a child – or at the very least, how long they can talk openly and honestly about this grief.

We believe that each individual story has the power to help others heal and find their own version of peace amongst all the grief. We intend to share these stories by pairing photographs taken for the project with a written account of their babies’ short lives. In order to respect the grieving process, the participants have free reign on what/who to bring on the day of the photo shoots, and allowing the families to have a final say on exactly what content is shared. We hope that the “big picture” and finished product will provide a snapshot of how diverse the experiences and families can be.

If you would like to participate in this project – whether as a photographic subject who also shares your story about your infant, a volunteer, or a donor – please contact me (put “Infant Loss Project” in the session type). Updates about the project will be posted here and on social media (namely via Hannah and my Facebook pages, we will also email participants). Sharing is encouraged and appreciated.

There is NO CHARGE for participants to be photographed. Participants will be provided with digital images from the project. Although there is no obligation to do so, prints maybe purchased if desired. Donations are being accepted to help the mission of this project. At this time, all expenses are coming out of the pockets of the organizers, or are being covered in the form of donations. Please use the contact form to express your interest in donating (select “Infant Loss Project” as the session type, and please include notes about how you would like to contribute).

Who We Are

Hannah is a not only a wife and mother to Senna Lynn (still born on December 13th, 2016) & 10-month-old Cyan, but she is also an aspiring Social Worker. Ann is a wife, mom to two young children (Keagan, 4 years and Rowan, 2 years), and a photographer based in Oregon. Hannah was pregnant with Senna Lynn at the same time Ann was pregnant with Rowan; both babies were “due” roughly a week apart. This project stems as a result from many personal conversations between Ann and Hannah about sharing the experience of pregnancy – and then of grief, and creating a meaningful and lasting connection with others about perinatal loss. More can be read about the history of this project HERE.

Previous Region Details

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Interested participants, volunteers and donors (of light refreshments, rentals, etc.) will fill out the “Basic Information Usage Agreement” form in order to provide your basic contact information and overall idea of your story.

For the Montréal group, Hannah met with the participants roughly 2 weeks prior to the photography event so that the participants could get to know each other a bit better, and begin to recount their stories. A similar format will be followed for future events, although the organizer would vary by region. During the event, participants will meet and mingle with each other’s families. Each family will have a time slot during which they will be photographed. The exact amount of time spent with each family will be dependent upon the number of participants; no less than 15 minutes will be spent with each family.

After the event Ann will edit the photographs and will contact each family with links to their images. The information gathered from the “Basic Information and Usage Agreement” form and notes taken during the discussion will be used to create a collection of images and stories that will again be shared on this website and on social media. Participants may choose to write their own story or to have an organizer write it for you. If you choose the later, the organizer will give you final say before finalizing your portion. If you so choose, your image can be partially obscured for privacy, and pseudonyms can be used in place of your real name. Please see the link(s) above for previous stories and images, to get an idea of what the final product looks like for each region/family.

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