About Me

Art – in some form or other – has been with me ever since I was a small child. As far back as I remember, people in my life would say, “You’re going to grow up to be an artist.” I feel the same about me liking to create as I do about names – I don’t know how much of my loving art came from me fulfilling the role placed on me, or how much of it came from within me. But now, here I am.

“I’m here to discover your stories, and to hopefully help you discover (or re-discover) something beautiful about yourself.”

The short(er) version is, I’ve been doing photography in some capacity since 2004. I have worked freelance, taking children’s school pictures, and in a photography studio, both as the office manager and being a second shooter. Military life led me from the Pennsylvania – where I grew up – to California, to Hawaii, and back to the East Coast, this time in Maryland. In 2012, after my then-fiancé and I found out his brother-in-law had lymphoma, we decided that he would get out of the military and we would move to Oregon, where he was from.

No other place I lived – not even Pennsylvania – felt like home to me. But Oregon feels like home. I can’t really explain it. There’s just something about being able to go to the beach or to the desert or the redwoods, all in a day’s drive, that is so eternally alluring.

Well, we got here and I got straight to adulting. I went to college. I got a full-time job. We bought a house. I got pregnant. We had a baby. I stopped going to college but went back to work full-time. Two and a half years later, I had another baby.

It was after my second baby that things really changed for me. Sending them to daycare didn’t make sense, because of the cost of daycare and some other logistical stuff. When my daughter was 8.5 months old, I quit my admin job to be a “stay at home mom.” But I very soon discovered that – as much as I loved seeing my kids and as grateful as I am to have the opportunity to stay at home – I am not “stay at home mom” material.

Since coming to Oregon and for the first few years after becoming a mom, I would still do an occasional photo session or wedding but other than that I wasn’t really doing much with my photography. And I missed it. My soul craved to be doing something creative, and to be connecting with others.

And this is where you find me. I’m on a journey to find myself as a creator, and to meet new people along the way. I’m here to discover your stories, and to hopefully help you discover (or re-discover) something beautiful about yourself. I’m here to make memories, and to document them.

Let’s go discover something together.