Dhanya and Phillip Vow Renewal | Lincoln City, Oregon

I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful vow renewal in Lincoln City, Oregon. The ceremony was hosted at a rental home, which overlooked the ocean (it’s so magical to be able to literally wake up, and see the ocean, y’all).

The ceremony itself was short and sweet, and the wind was something fierce, nearly blowing over the flowers and arbor several times. But through the wind, the message was clear – Dhanya and Phillip’s declaration of love for each other. Wed 10 years ago, theirs was an arranged marriage, with three large ceremonies spanning weeks and continents. They said that they felt as though the first celebrations felt as though they were for others. After 10 years of marriage, they wanted to celebrate the love that they had cultivated.

After the ceremony we ate some amazing Indian food, and just hung out and talked for a bit. I told them it felt like home to me, since one of my best childhood friends was Indian. Though it was a short day, I felt so honored to have been a part of getting to know these two and their close friends. Thank you again, and CONGRATS Dhanya and Phillip!

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