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I recently shared a post about my session with my friend Linda and her (growing) family at their cabin in PA (check those images out here). And although I loved those photos, I consider these the true pièce de résistance.

Introducing Devon.

20120228-153618.jpgHe is just so wonderfully and adorably precious. And, might I add, he looks just like his daddy.

Not long after Devon was born in December, he was showing signs of lung trouble. Nothing major came of it, but about a month ago he was sick again. Linda is such a trooper; when telling me about little Devon’s ordeal, she seemed so collected as she wrote:

“He was having a lot of trouble breathing and his heartbeat was all over the place and his skin was really blotchy. They checked him for RSV the flu, pneumonia – all negative. Then they thought he had a problem with his heart so they called in an echocardio gram. It was normal. No fever. They also gave him a bag of fluids cause he wasn’t eating. So once he was able to breath normally and his heartbeat was normal they let us go home.”

Here’s a photo by Linda of Devon, about three hours before he was released from the hospital:

20120228-152216.jpgAll the while, daddy is on a submarine and has no communication with the home front…

Which brings me to the next point. Linda really wanted to do a session with baby D before daddy gets back. She wanted to surprise him (sweet, yes?) with the pics when he gets home. So as soon as Devon was better, we set up a session on one of those 60-degree February days we’ve been having, hoping to head outside. Well all baby D wanted to do was eat. He’s putting some of the weight he lost while sick, so I don’t blame the little guy.

And then – finally – the thing photographers hope for the most for a newborn session: sleep. Glorious, deep, malleable baby sleep. Linda was so patient through it all. It helped that I wasn’t rushing off anywhere, and we had time to wait for him to fall asleep. The waiting really paid off.

Happy viewing!!

20120228-153247.jpgHe looks just like his Daddy here

20120228-153334.jpgBig sis (aka B) had to get her own pictures of D

20120228-153344.jpg20120228-153354.jpg20120228-153413.jpgFinally got a chance to get the two of them together


Enough said…



And… sleep.


I adore how his right cheek is all squished up!

20120228-153630.jpgHope you sighed and smiled half as much as I did while photographing him!!

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